Switzerland Names Roster for Hlinka-Gretzky Cup

Swiss FlagIntriguing roster for the Swiss Team at the Hlinka-Gretzky Cup with a mix of smaller players and those with decent size. The Swiss defence is the most balanced of any team in the tournament – when it comes to left and right shooting blueliners. But it’s a different story when it comes to the forwards. Of the twelve forwards on the roster, only one shoots from the right hip and that is Aron Welter.

There are no Ontario Hockey League players on the club. Dean Schwenninger of the Western Hockey League is the only Canadian Hockey League player to make the squad.  Cédric Fiedler has both Swiss and American citizenship.

Player POS HT WT DOB S/C League
Thibault Fatton G 5’11 143 11/17/01 L Elite Jr A
Sascha Ruppelt G 5’10 146 1/27/01 L Elite Novizen
Inaki Baragano D 5’10 163 9/4/01 R Elite Jr A
Noah Delémont D 5’9 161 2/7/02 L Elite Jr A
Cédric Fiedler D 6’2 187 4/20/01 L Elite Jr A
Finn Fuchs D 6’2 165 11/26/01 L Elite Jr A
Sascha Huber D 6’1 181 11/30/01 L Elite Jr B
Silvan Landolt D 6’1 170 7/18/01 R Elite Jr B
Maxime Schweizer D 6’2 174 10/29/01 R Elite Jr A
Alessandro Villa D 6’1 172 1/23/01 R Elite Jr A
Johan Andersson F 6’1 187 4/12/01 L Elite Jr A
Sebastian Bardh F 5’11 185 5/11/01 L Elite Jr A
Karim Bouchareb F 5’10 181 10/23/01 L Elite Jr B
Ronny Dähler F 5’10 165 2/28/01 L Elite Jr A
Nicolas Hasler F 5’9 165 5/25/01 L Elite Jr A
Simon Knak F 6’ 181 1/27/02 L Elite Jr A
Lionel Marchand F 6’2 194 9/23/01 L Elite Jr A
Lionel Marchand F 5’10 150 2/20/02 L Elite Jr A
Elvis Schläpfer F 5’11 176 3/13/01 L Elite Jr A
Dean Schwenninger F 5’8 148 3/5/01 L WHL
Yves Stoffel F 6’ 172 3/5/01 L Elite Jr A
Aron Welter F 5’10 172 4/16/01 R Elite Jr A

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