After a lost season to the COVID-19 Pandemic – It’s great to be back talking Ontario Hockey League hockey.

We begin our coverage of the 2022 National Hockey League Draft by looking at each OHL team and players eligible for that draft. Now, most teams have already made cuts so this isn’t a comprehensive list. As the season nears and teams announce their final rosters, we will provide a final list and include players that were passed over in the 2021 NHL Draft because- well, it wasn’t a normal draft year for the OHL.

First, lets look at some things from this class:

TALLEST PLAYER: Trent Swick (Kitchener); Sam Alfano (Peterborough); Matyas Sapovaliv (Saginaw); Landon Hookey (Sault Ste Marie) all stand 6 foot 4 inches.

SHORTEST PLAYER: Ty Nelson (North Bay); Max Namestnikov (Sarnia) listed at 5 foot 7 inches

HEAVIEST PLAYER: Ryder McIntyre (Sarnia) listed at 216 pounds

LIGHTEST PLAYER: Luca D’Amato (Flint) listed at 141 pounds

LONGEST BLOODLINES: Max Namestnikov (Sarnia) Grandfather, Father, Brother (Vladislav) and 3 uncles who have played or are playing hockey.

OLDEST PLAYER: Owain Johnston (Erie) born October 19, 2003

YOUNGEST PLAYER: Owen MacDonald (Sarnia) born August 28, 2004

BEST NAME: Luca Del-Bel-Belluz (Mississauga)


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