Carson Rehkopf – Kitchener Rangers – Player Profile

6’1195Jan 7, 2005CL17th 202131st NA mid-termCANADA
2019-2020U15 AAAToronto Jr Canadiens726877145
2019-2020GTHL U15Toronto Jr Canadiens36291645
2020-2021GTHLDID NOT PLAY    
2021-2022OHLKitchener Rangers65181533
2022-2023OHLKitchener Rangers44201838
Carson Rehkopf of the Kitchener Rangers. Photo by Natalie Shaver/OHL Images

There’s still a lot of hockey to be played and the final chapter still has to be written but if Carson Rehkopf finishes off the OHL season and playoffs like the first two-thirds of the season, he is sure to get some late first round consideration for the 2023 NHL Entry Draft.

At 6’1” Rehkopf has some decent size in which he uses effectively in his physical game. He possesses some excellent speed with an ability to shield the puck and put defenders back on their heals once he decides to go into attack mode. He has a deceptive shot with an ability to disguise his release point and with a 16.1 shooting percentage, he can put the puck passed goaltenders.

His defensive game is beyond his years. He skates back hard on the backcheck, isn’t shy about being physical to separate his opponent from the puck, his speed allows him to get into lanes quickly but also attack in the neutral zone to break up plays.

Like every player at this level, there are always things to work on and for Rehkopf, if he’s going to make it down the middle it’s faceoffs. He’s currently at just 37.6 winning percentage on the dot, but he’s only taken 274 faceoffs.

I would also like to see Rehkopf work on his playmaking. He’s always been a goal scorer first and I believe that in the middle you have to be able to create for your teammates with playmaking. Which is why I believe he is best suited on the wing – where he’s played most of his time – so he can continue to drive with his speed or release that shot he has.

Kitchener is a deep squad and it remains to be seen whether Rehkopf will get the quality of offensive opportunities available as the Rangers fight for playoff positioning.

He is very much worth keeping an eye on the rest of the way.


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