OHL End of Season Draft Eligible Statistical Leaders

Colby Barlow of the Owen Sound Attack. Photo by Luke Durda/OHL Images

Another Ontario Hockey League regular season has come to a close and the playoffs are in full swing. That means it’s time to look back at the regular season and the statistical leaders among players eligible for the 2023 National Hockey League Entry Draft.

Colby Barlow of the Owen Sound Attack edged out Quentin Musty of the Sudbury Wolves by just a point and injuries limited Musty to just 53 games.  Nick Lardis of the Hamilton Bulldogs made a late season push to finish third. Max Namestnikov has been on fire since being acquired by the Guelph Storm and his late season push left him just behind Luca Pinelli of the Ottawa 67’s.

No defenceman finished in the top 10 in scoring this season but Hunter Brzustewicz of the Kitchener Rangers was right there and led the blue liners in this draft class with 57 points. He also led the draft class in powerplay assists.

As to be expected, the Ottawa 67’s dominated the plus/minus category.

Here’s a look at the leaders in various categories. As always, we take great care in gathering stats but you should always refer to the OHL website for official stats.

Points Leaders
Colby BarlowOwen Sound Attack59463379
Quentin MustySudbury Wolves53265278
Nick LardisHamilton Bulldogs69372865
Luca PinelliOttawa 67’s67293463
Max NamestnikovGuelph Storm65392261
Beau JelsmaBarrie Colts67313061
Coulson PitreFlint Firebirds59253560
Carson RehkopfKitchener Rangers68302959
Calum RitchieOshawa Generals59243559
Denver BarkeyLondon Knights61223759
Goal Scoring Leaders
Colby BarlowOwen Sound Attack59460.78
Max NamestnikovGuelph Storm65390.60
Nick LardisHamilton Bulldogs69370.54
Brady StonehouseOttawa 67’s68370.54
Beau JelsmaBarrie Colts67310.46
Carson RehkopfKitchener Rangers68300.44
Dalyn WakelyNorth Bay Battalion66300.45
Carey TerranceErie Otters67300.45
Luca PinelliOttawa 67’s67290.43
Zakary LavoieNiagara IceDogs69290.42
Assist Leaders
Quentin MustySudbury Wolves53520.98
Hunter BrzustewiczKitchener Rangers68510.75
Tristan BertucciFlint Firebirds63390.62
Patrick ThomasHamilton Bulldogs66390.59
Dylan RoobroeckOshawa Generals68380.56
Denver BarkeyLondon Knights61370.61
Beau AkeyBarrie Colts66360.55
Rodwin DionicioWindsor Spitfires50350.70
Coulson PitreFlint Firebirds59350.59
Calum RitchieOshawa Generals59350.59
Defencemen Point Leaders
Hunter BrzustewiczKitchener Rangers6865157
Rodwin DionicioWindsor Spitfires50153550
Tristan BertucciFlint Firebirds63113950
Beau AkeyBarrie Colts66113647
Oliver BonkLondon Knights67103040
Spencer SovaErie Otters68162339
Matthew ManiaSudbury Wolves67102838
Chas SharpeMississauga Steelheads6452631
Powerplay Goals
Carson RehkopfKitchener Rangers6816
Colby BarlowOwen Sound Attack5913
Carey TerranceErie Otters6713
Max NamestnikovGuelph Storm6512
Brady StonehouseOttawa 67’s6811
Powerplay Assists
Hunter BrzustewiczKitchener Rangers6823
Alex AssadourianNiagara IceDogs6615
Oliver BonkLondon Knights6715
Spencer SovaErie Otters6815
Quentin MustySudbury Wolves5314
Plus/Minus Leaders
Luca PinelliOttawa 67’s67+30
Will GerriorOttawa 67’s68+28
Brady StonehouseOttawa 67’s68+28
Cooper FosterOttawa 67’s63+26
Matthew AndonovskiKitchener Rangers67+25
Dalyn WakelyNorth Bay Battalion66+24
Brody CraneLondon Knights68+23
Ruslan GazizovLondon Knights56+22
Matthew MayichOttawa 67’s64+22
Wyatt KennedyNorth Bay Battalion63+21
Penalty Minutes Leaders
Connor ClattenburgSoo Greyhounds561152.05
Quinton BurnsKingston Frontenacs541061.96
Ryan HumphreyLondon Knights60921.53
Angus MacDonellMississauga Steelheads64921.44
Djibril ToureSudbury Wolves57911.60
Faceoff Leaders  (minimum 585 faceoffs)
Ethan LarmandSudbury Wolves5060734056.0
Pano FimisErie Otters55100154254.1
Denver BarkeyLondon Knights6163534354.0
Beau JelsmaBarrie Colts6772138453.3
Calum RitchieOshawa Generals5977941353.0
Alex PharandSudbury Wolves6758530351.8
Brad GardinerOttawa 67’s6873638051.6
Longest Goal Scoring Streak
Colby BarlowOwen Sound Attack11/1212/41013
Colby BarlowOwen Sound Attack12/301/1789
Nick LardisHamilton Bulldogs1/212/767
Longest Assist Streak
Quentin MustySudbury Wolves11/2012/281120
Hunter BrzustewiczKitchener Rangers10/110/301013
Ryan AbrahamWindsor Spitfires10/1410/29814
Longest Point Streak
Quentin MustySudbury Wolves10/2912/281835
Colby BarlowOwen Sound Attack11/912/41121
Nick LardisHamilton Bulldogs1/132/71021
Shots On Goal Leaders
Colby BarlowOwen Sound Attack59294
Brady StonehouseOttawa 67’s68244
Zakary LavoieNiagara IceDogs69237
Spencer SovaErie Otters68223
Carey TerranceErie Otters67214
Goaltenders Leaders – Goals Against Average (minimum 1556 minutes)
Collin MacKenzieOttawa 67’s301567491.88
Joey CostanzoWindsor Spitfires4021581093.03
Charlie SchenkelSoo Greyhounds3117531023.49
Alessio BeglieriMississauga Steelheads3821181283.63
Corbin VotaryOwen Sound Attack3016281013.72
Nathan DayFlint Firebirds3216591083.91
Nolan LalondeErie Otters4122111514.10
Jacob OsterOshawa Generals4925551794.20
Owen FloresNiagara IceDogs4222091694.59
Goaltending Leaders – Save Percentage (minimum 1556 minutes)
Collin MacKenzieOttawa 67’s306826330.928
Joey CostanzoWindsor Spitfires4010999900.901
Charlie SchenkelSoo Greyhounds319588560.894
Owen FloresNiagara IceDogs42155713880.891
Corbin VotaryOwen Sound Attack308627610.883
Nathan DayFlint Firebirds328567480.874
Jacob OsterOshawa Generals49140612270.873
Nolan LalondeErie Otters4111419900.868
Alessio BeglieriMississauga Steelheads389648360.867
Goaltending Leaders – Wins
Joey CostanzoWindsor Spitfires402662
Collin MacKenzieOttawa 67’s302123
Alessio BeglieriMississauga Steelheads3819153
Zach BowenLondon Knights261740
Nicholas SurzyciaSarnia Sting291753
Nathan DayFlint Firebirds3217100
Jacob OsterOshawa Generals4917234
Nate KrawchukSudbury Wolves251371
Brayden GillespieGuelph Storm251363
Charlie RobertsonNorth Bay Battalion211260
Corbin VotaryOwen Sound Attack301294
Goaltending Leaders – Shutouts
Charlie RobertsonNorth Bay Battalion213
Jacob OsterOshawa Generals493
Charlie SchenkelSoo Greyhounds312
Liam SztuskaPeterborough Petes191
Marcus VandenbergKitchener Rangers231
Brayden GillespieGuelph Storm251
Nate KrawchukSudbury Wolves251
Zach BowenLondon Knights261
Mason VaccariKingston Frontenacs291

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