Uneducated Hot Take – Jr A Trade Deadline: OJHL

By Brandon Sudeyko

Another trade deadline has come and gone and it is time for some quick takes on what the team’s achieved or tried to achieve. Some succeeded and others didn’t. So let’s go back to the beginning of January so we can chat about most teams.

Aurora – The Tigers made two transactions. They sent defenceman Alex Boudreau to Whitby, presumably for cash and they upgraded the blue line by resigning former Tiger Noah Delmas. The two year OJHL veteran can add a boost to the blue line while Aurora tries to figure out how to keep shots from the net and pucks out of the back of it.

Buffalo – The Jr Sabres released Christian Zimmerman… But they are still a favourite in the SW Conference. Moving on…

Burlington – The Cougars made Cougar type moves. Assigned a player to Jr B, released a defenceman and traded for a probably better defenceman who played in the BCHL. Plus side to the addition of Griffin James is he is 6’4″ and almost 200lbs. As long as he can stop the opposition, it is a plus.

Cobourg – The other Cougars made three moves, adding three forwards. Austin Kozluk from the Q. Justin Bennett from Pickering & Zach Viminitz from Whitby. Not bad forward moves, but Cobourg is sitting 7th in the conference and are 7th in goals against… Probably could have used a D upgrade. How much fun can you have playing pond hockey against Trenton.

Georgetown – They added Ryan Takamatsu who can put pucks in the net. But there is still one puck for 5 guys on the ice… On the other hand, Andrew Masters knows how to stop the puck… So there is that.

Kingston – They did nothing. Sit second in the league behind Trenton. 4th in goals for, 7th in goals against and Anthony Rinaldi is 2nd in League scoring… Full steam ahead.

Lindsay – The Muskies downward spiral continues as they release Adam McPhail who they added at the end of December and trade Stuart Fierheller to the CCHL. They needed scoring and they didn’t add. They need defence and they didn’t add… next year is almost here.

Markham – With all their in season trades, how do they still have cards? Add a former Red Wing in Laine McKay to add more scoring. They added Scott Smith who bounced around the OJHL, OHL and found stability in Jr C for the future and traded D Shawn Tessier to North York because you can score more than the other team. Where is the team going? Probably in a lengthy playoff battle against Aurora.

Milton – They may have already turned over the entire roster once this year. Sit at the bottom, no real prospect of moving up this season and they assign a player to Jr B.

Mississauga – see above…. Didn’t add guys, didn’t move guys. Will make it through the season, and cheers to 2016/17.

Newmarket – The Hurricanes have been rebuilding since their run a few seasons ago. They are poised to breakout next season with 16 players being a 1996 or 1997. But they need a goalie. So at the deadline they released Connor Ryckman… that is the opposite of what they need for next season.

North York – Earlier you read that the Rangers got rid of Ryan Takamatsu to conference opponent Georgetown. But at least they replaced the 97 with 1996 F Chris Sekelyk. 35 goals in 91 games for Pickering with 73 total points. The Rangers need the scoring to help our their goaltender who is having his best statistical season but sits with a 10-17-1 record. Rangers have 9 one goal losses.

Oakville – They sit on top of the South division, and made no moves. Here comes the division title.

Orangeville – The team that was poised to make a big splash this year is wading in the shallow end. Did nothing at the deadline, may do the same in the second season.

Pickering – The black cats ushered out 4 players and brought in one since the beginning of 2016. They have the worst Goals Against in the conference. Sit second last in the Northeast. Traded away 29 goals and 66 points. But with 8 1997’s and 2 1998’s they are hoping to prepare for next season.

St. Michaels – 7 1997 players, 7 1998 players, and 4 1999 players make up this roster. The Buzzers made no moves, sit 8th in the conference and are trying to hold on. Look for an upset in the playoffs and a lot of noise next season.

Stouffville – I don’t know what Stouffville is. They made no moves, near the bottom of the conference, and have no OA players… There out come is the answer to a magic 8 ball question. Next year is almost here.

Toronto Jr Canadiens – TJC Fleeced the Patriots in their deadline deal. Getting 3 Patriots players for two… middle of the pack forwards. Ursitti has 2 OJHL titles, Beck has one, and Siddall came from Trenton prior to playing this season with the Patriots. 15 games to go, 30 points at stake and 5 points behind Oakville for the division lead. Watch them take over the Blades top spot. But the question remains… how the heck did they pull off this deal? Pay attention to the off season and who does what between these two teams.

Toronto Patriots – The Patriots looked like they were turning a corner before trading away 3 key pieces and getting 2 pieces back. They also added Rudi Ying who played in two WJC U18 Division 2 tournaments for China scoring 11 goals in 10 games. Who knows what the Patriots are trying to do. Winning doesn’t seem to be one of the things they are trying to do. Not with that trade to get back a 97 and 98 forward for three players.

Trenton – arguably the best team in the league did nothing at the deadline. Do they really need to improve? Did the rest of the league do enough to close the gap? Remember 2012/2013 when Trenton won the league and bowed out in 4 straight to Cobourg in the first round? The Cougars are currently sitting in 6th place right now…..

Wellington – The Dukes upgraded their net with Sam Tanguay, bolstered their forward depth with Matt Adams and the return of Greg Smith. A few points back of 3rd in the conference and hot on the heels of Kingston. Time for an East Division show down at the top, look out Kingston and Trenton.


4 thoughts on “Uneducated Hot Take – Jr A Trade Deadline: OJHL

  1. Hello
    I would like to clarify what happened with the deal made by the Patriots at the deadline. Our new GM had sole responsibility of this deal. It was a deal that was done completely to help out his close freind Mario. Our Coach had two deals in place for Siddall and Ursitti, which would gave given us two players and cash. Our coach was ignored the whole day Friday when the details of the deal were sent to him. Even after a meeting with the new owner on Saturday, the deal was done. Our team was blown up and players left devestated after this trade. Before Tuesdays game vs St. Mikes we were only four points out of a playoff spot. All of us on the staff are unsure of what the future holds but we are not going to stop believing in the players on the team


    1. Being a big fan and follower of this league I have to disagree with most of your previous statements. While some of your points may be correct, it is very easy to point the blame on a gm. These players are 95 born over-agers, Ursitti being a 96, but not returning to the league as of his recent commitment to Hamilton University Div. 3. This league is about the developig the players and moving them on to the next level. I don’t think stranding 3 solid players that could help any playoff team go on a run is development. Sure your patriots were only sitting 4 points out of a playoff spot but did you really think you were going to make a run at the buckland cup? The deal is lopsided for sure, but at the end of the day, leaving any of those players on an 8th place team would be a lousy way to end their Junior hockey careers. Pats are exiting the first round (if they make playoffs) with these 3 players or without.. At least now you have two younger players with potential to contribute large in upcoming years. The gm did all of these boys a favour and gave them one last chance at a championship.


  2. This is by far one of the worst trades i have ever witnessed in sports, a whole 1st line for a 4th line and healthy scratches, in a professional sport, this GM would be fired right away. Rookie move to trade 3 top end players to one team, trade them individually to maximize your return. Duhhhhhhhhhhh. Theres more to this story.


  3. I agree that the three players should have given an opportunity to go play for a contender, however, since players pay to play, they should have been given options of where they want to go. The deal was done solely to help Mario. Our coach had deals in place with two other teams that would have given us three quality players in return and cash. He was going to talk to all three players after our game on Saturday vs Burlington. Do you know that at first we were going to get nothing in return but future considerations before the league stepped in.
    I laugh when guys like you make comments and hide behind a fake handle!!! Have the guts to use your own name. I guess it’s easy to hide behind a keyboard!!


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