New Jr League…. Satire Comedy

By Brandon Sudeyko

Ontario – Today is a dawning of a new day. Today is the first day for a brand new Junior League that is prepared to reinvent the wheel and provide top opportunities to players worthy of lacing up in this new league.

In The O… (ITO) is on the verge of launching a new Junior League that is hoping to play its first game in the fall. The Junior League will plan a province wide footprint but start small and local in great communities who will embrace and support a fledgling league.

A representative from ITO… had this to say about the new start up league, “It is very important that we don’t make the mistakes of previous non sanctioned leagues trying to make money from, give players a chance for advancement that they would not normally have.”

The basic setup of the league will have a Western and an Eastern Conference when play begins, but

there is already interest from the USA and the new league will not refuse entrance into the league because of ‘imaginary boundaries’.

ITO discussed naming this new league, “The biggest thing for this league is a name that sets it apart. While we were discussing what this league should be about, we thought of a few names. You have small market minor league names like Mississauga Hockey League and Greater Toronto Hockey League, and since we were going to encompass the greater province of Ontario, we thought of ‘Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League’… but when we looked it up, it was already taken. We then thought about simplifying it to ‘Ontario Junior Hockey League’ but that too is taken. We found out just naming the league is hard and we decided to focus on other facets of our new league.”

The new Junior League will have a draft, as well as free agent tenders and be teaming up with local minor hockey leagues to create a feeder system for all the players who are over looked. Although not a lot of information about the league can be given at this time, there is one clear message that the league wants to stress, “If you want to say you played Junior Hockey no matter what level, we will gladly take your money, have a spot for you to play on our team, in our league.”

Expect more news and announcements in the next few weeks.


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