2017 OHL Development Combine Recap

OHL Combine

Toronto, ON – The Ontario Hockey League held its eighth annual OHL Development Combine April 1-2 at Oshawa’s Tribute Communities Centre providing 2017 OHL Priority Selection prospects the opportunity to showcase their abilities.

77 players (36 forwards, 25 defencemen, and 16 goaltenders) born in 2001 participated in the weekend events which featured both off and on-ice components with results distributed to every OHL member team General Manager to assist in their evaluation for this Saturday’s draft.

“It’s a great opportunity for the players to showcase their athletic abilities and is a big evaluation opportunity for our members teams,” said Joe Birch, OHL Senior Director of Hockey Development and Special Events. “The results provide a benchmark which gives players an idea of where they stand among their peers to help push their own personal development.”

Saturday’s off-ice drills included the traditional Broad Jump, Hand Grip, 20M Sprint, 5-10-5 Sprints, and Wingate, along with new skills tests this season which included Pull-Ups, Squat, Drop, and Counter Movement Jumps, and 1080 Sprint technology adding resistance to measure power and force.  On-ice testing drills included a 30M Sprint Forward with and without the puck, 30M Backwards with and without the puck, Weave Agility with and without the puck, and Transition Agility with and without the puck.  The 1080 Sprint technology was also introduced as a new on-ice component.  All tests were performed with players wearing Zephyr Heart Rate Monitors.

Sunday’s action featured both 5-on-5 and 3-on-3 competition bringing an end to the two-day event.  All four teams were joined behind the bench by special guest coaches that included OHL grads Paul Ranger, Luca Caputi and Matt Corrente as well as members of OHL Central Scouting and team personnel.

Team Subban was crowned 2017 OHL Combine Champions, accumulating the most points based on overall testing results combined with Sunday’s in-game play.

“I was proud of the way the guys pulled together,” said Team Subban coach Luca Caputi, an OHL graduate who now serves as an assistant coach with the Guelph Storm. “These guys knew it was their last chance to leave an impression on scouts and general managers before the draft and they all did a great job.”

The 2017 OHL Priority Selection takes place on Saturday April 8 beginning at 9:00 am.

2017 OHL Development Combine Testing Results:

Off-Ice Testing Top Performers:

Top 5 Forwards:
1. Ryan Campbell (Cambridge Hawks) (Team Lindros)
2. Kurtis Evans (Central Ontario Wolves) (Team Lindros)
3. Mitchell Russell (Barrie Jr. Colts) (Team Stamkos)
4. Jalen Balbosa (York Simcoe Express) (Team Stamkos)
5. Nicholas Porco (Vaughan Kings) (Team Stamkos)

Top 5 Defencemen:
1. Christian De Giorgis (Toronto Marlboros) (Team Lindros)
2. Robert Calisti (Toronto Nationals) (Team Ekblad)
3. Liam Ross (Mississauga Reps) (Team Subban)
4. Mark Woolley (Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs) (Team Subban)
5. Duncan Penman (Mississauga Rebels) (Team Ekblad)

Top 5 Goaltenders:
1. David Cunti (Toronto Titans) (Team Stamkos)
2. Cameron Carvalho (Toronto Marlboros) (Team Lindros)
3. Aidan Pitre (Sun County Panthers) (Team Stamkos)
4. Matthew Dunsmoor (Guelph Jr. Gryphons) (Team Ekblad)
5. Cyrus Martin (Waterloo Wolves) (Team Lindros)

On-Ice Testing Top Performers:

Top 5 Forwards:
1. Mitchell Russell (Barrie Jr. Colts) (Team Stamkos)
2. Joseph Carroll (Carleton Place Canadians U18) (Team Lindros)
3. Ethan Keppen (Toronto Nationals) (Team Ekblad)
4. Nicholas Porco (Vaughan Kings) (Team Stamkos)
5. Kurtis Evans (Central Ontario Wolves) (Team Lindros)

Top 5 Defencemen:
1. Christian De Giorgis (Toronto Marlboros) (Team Lindros)
2. Mark Woolley (Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs) (Team Subban)
3. Liam Ross (Mississauga Reps) (Team Subban)
4. Klim Georgiev (Mississauga Reps) (Team Lindros)
5. Mitchell Brewer (Halton Hurricanes) (Team Lindros)

2017 OHL Development Combine Game Results:

Game 1: Team Stamkos (Blue) 5 vs. Team Lindros (Red) 3

Stamkos Goals: Blake Murray (2) (Whitby Wildcats), Curtis Fabbro (Ottawa Jr. Senators U18), Jalen Balbosa (York-Simcoe Express), Evan Brand (Mississauga Rebels) — Luke Cavallin, 0 GA (Kemptville 73’s U18), David Cunti, 3 GA (Toronto Titans). Lindros Goals: Alex Dominique (Toronto Titans), Nicholas Chartrand (Cumberland Grads U18), Bill Constantinou (Toronto Marlboros) — Cameron Carvalho, 0 GA (Toronto Marlboros), Ethan Taylor, 5 GA (Quinte Red Devils)

Game 2: Team Subban (White) 6 vs. Team Ekblad (Orange) 5 – SO

Subban Goals: Brandon Coe (3, Shootout Winner) (Toronto Nationals), Nate Allensen (Waterloo Wolves), Ryan Stepien (Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs) — Owen Say, 2 GA (London Jr. Knights), Zachary Paputsakis, 3 GA (Cumberland Grads U18). Ekblad Goals: Tye Kartye (Kingston Jr. Frontenacs), Jamieson Rees (Mississauga Reps), Connor McMichael (Ajax-Pickering Raiders), Ethan Keppen (Toronto Nationals), Alexandre Hogue (Cumberland Grads U18) — Matt Dunsmoor, 2 GA (Guelph Jr. Gryphons), Zach Roy, 3 GA (Toronto Nationals)

Game 3: Team Subban (White) 6 vs. Team Lindros (Red) 1

Subban Goals: Ian Martin (2) (Ajax-Pickering Raiders), Hayden Fowler (Kingston Jr. Frontenacs), Alex Johnston (Kanata Lasers U18), Andrew Horsley (Brampton 45’s), Jordan Stock (Hamilton Huskies) — Joe Howe, 0 GA (Toronto Jr. Canadiens), Christian Cicigoi, 1 GA (Thunder Bay Kings). Lindros Goals: Mason Dreger (Whitby Wildcats) — Cyrus Martin, 2 GA (Waterloo Wolves), Ethan Langevin, 4 GA (Whitby Wildcats)

Game 4: Team Ekblad (Orange) 11 vs. Team Stamkos (Blue) 6

Ekblad Goals: Jamieson Rees (4) (Mississauga Reps), Aidan Prueter (2) (London Jr. Knights), Alexandre Charlebois (Cumberland Grads U18), Ethan Keppen (Toronto Nationals), Tanner McEachern (Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs), Connor McMichael (Ajax-Pickering Raiders), Alexandre Hogue (Cumberland Grads U18) — Brody Bernard, 3 GA (Smiths Falls Bears U18), Owen Robertson, 3 GA (Mississauga Rebels). Stamkos Goals: Ty Gilberds (Vaughan Kings), Mitchell Russell (Barrie Jr. Colts), Nicholas Porco (Vaughan Kings), Dennis Golovatchev (Mississauga Reps), Grayson Ladd (Chatham-Kent Cyclones), Carson Eden (Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs) — Aidan Pitre, 5 GA (Sun County Panthers), Logan Stein, 6 GA (TPH Thunder U16)

Final Team Standings:
Team Subban (White) =  596 Testing + 130 Games = 726 Points
Team Stamkos (Blue) =  522 Testing + 95 Games = 617 Points
Team Ekblad (Orange) = 502 Testing + 45 Games = 547 Points
Team Lindros (Red) = 454 Testing + 60 Games = 514 Points

Standings are based on a point system where individual player testing results contributed to the team’s total score.  Players are ranked by position and scored according to rank (1-36 for forwards, 1-25 for defencemen, 1-16 for goalies). During Sunday’s games teams scored 10 points per half win, 25 points per game win, and 50 points per shutout.

2017 OHL Combine Champion Team Subban:


78 Joseph Howe (Toronto Jr. Canadiens)
79 Christian Cicigoi (Thunder Bay Kings)
80 Owen Say (London Jr. Knights)
81 Zachary Paputsakis (Cumberland Grads U18)

18 Nathan Allensen (Waterloo Wolves)
19 Mark Woolley (Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs)
20 Liam Ross (Mississauga Reps)
21 Kyle Sullivan (Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs)
22 Simon Rose (Pembroke Lumber Kings U18)
23 Drew Wawrow (Brampton 45’s)

24 Ethan Doyle (Whitby Wildcats)
25 Brandon Coe (Toronto Nationals)
26 Hayden Fowler (Kingston Jr. Frontenacs)
27 Ryan Stepien (Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs)
28 Matthew Gordon (Guelph Jr. Gryphons)
29 Ian Martin (Ajax-Pickering Raiders)
30 Alex Johnston (Kanata Lasers U18)
31 Jordan Stock (Hamilton Huskies)
32 Andrew Horsley (Brampton 45’s)

Luca Caputi (Assistant Coach, Guelph Storm)
Frank Evola (Head Scout, Oshawa Generals)


For more information about OHL Combine testing, please read the Sportsnet.ca article How the OHL is poised to change the way combines are run by David Singh.

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