OHL Writers Final Draft Rankings

Byfield, Quinton (1)
Quinton Byfield of the Sudbury Wolves. Photo by OHL Images

The National Hockey League is set to hit the ice under their return to play plan with a new collective bargaining agreement in place. We won’t bother going over those details here. The NHL held their first draft lottery a few weeks ago but there is still one more lottery to take place. One lucky (or unlucky) team eliminated from the play-in round will win the first overall pick. That pick will be Alexis Lafreniere.

So, the draft really begins at the number two spot where it could be Quinton Byfield or Tim Stutzle. Or there could be a surprise.

After many live viewings and countless hours of re-watching video – what else was there to do when we were stuck at home because of the coronavirus – we’ve put together our rankings of Ontario Hockey League Players.

Our list includes 12 goaltenders and 57 skaters. We believe you’ll see 3 OHL goaltenders and 41 skaters selected at the draft. Also listed with each player is their final ranking by NHL Central Scouting.

Under normal circumstances, the draft is a crap shoot. But it’s a draft like we’ve never seen before.

Let the guessing begin!

1 Quinton Byfield C Sudbury 2
2 Jamie Drysdale D Erie 3
3 Marco Rossi C Ottawa 6
4 Cole Perfetti LW Saginaw 5
5 Jack Quinn  RW Ottawa 7
6 Jacob Perreault C Sarnia 17
7 Jan Mysak C Hamilton 28
8 Ryan O’Rourke D Sault Ste Marie 27
9 Tyson Foerster C Barrie 21
10 Martin Chromiak RW Kingston 30
11 Jean-Luc Foudy C Windsor 33
12 Will Cuylle LW Windsor 34
13 Luke Evangelista RW London 39
14 Zayde Wisdom RW Kingston 54
15 Jaromir Pytlik RW Sault Ste Marie 46
16 Antonio Stranges LW London 56
17 Tyler Tullio C Oshawa 52
18 Brandon Coe C North Bay 35
19 Donovan Sebrango D Kitchener 59
20 Evan Vierling C Barrie 66
21 Oliver Suni RW Oshawa 53
22 Jack Thompson D Sudbury 60
23 Kirill Steklov D London 106
24 **Pavel Gogolev LW Guelph 107
25 Ruben Rafkin D Windsor 84
26 *Evginiy Oksentyuk LW Flint 109
27 Mitchell Smith D Saginaw N.R.
28 Rory Kerins C Sault Ste Marie 72
29 Ethan Cardwell  C Barrie 70
30 Tanner Dickinson C Sault Ste Marie 67
31 James Hardie  LW Mississauga 163
32 Isaak Phillips D Sudbury 114
33 Hayden Fowler C Erie 87
34 *Robert Calisti D Sault Ste Marie 78
35 Logan Morrison C Hamilton 190
36 Declan McDonnell RW Kitchener 155
37 Oli Bjorgvik-Holm D Mississauga 116
38 Reid Valade RW Kitchener 148
39 Riley Piercey RW Flint 129
40 Cameron Butler RW Niagara 138
41 *Maxim Golod LW Erie 213
42 Ville Ottavainen D Kitchener 137
43 Jake Uberti C Niagara 147
44 Lleyton Moore D Oshawa 194
45 Dylan Robinson D Windsor N.R.
46 Alec Belanger D Ottawa N.R.
47 Igor Chibrikov D Owen Sound 188
48 *Billy Constaninou D Sault Ste Marie NR
49 *Louka Henault D Windsor 171
50 *Tye Kartye LW Sault Ste Marie 192
51 *Austen Swankler C Erie 200
52 *Ilya Solovyov D Saginaw N.R.
53 Jakob Murray D Kingston 193
54 Andrei Bakanov RW Guelph N.R.
55 Cameron Tolnai C Ottawa N.R.
56 Vitali Pinchuk LW Kingston N.R.
57 Mark Woolley D Owen Sound N.R.
1 *Nico Daws G Guelph 1
2 Nick Malik G Sault Ste Marie 10
3 Tucker Tynan G Niagara NR
4 Will Cranley G Ottawa 4
5 Brett Brochu G London 29
6 Owen Bennett G Guelph 24
7 Aidan Campbell G Erie 28
8 Ty Austin G Peterborough 14
9 *Mack Guzda G Owen Sound 31
10 Zachary Papoutsakis G Oshawa NR
11 Marco Costantini G Hamilton NR
12 Xavier Medina G Windsor NR
*Draft re-entry
**2nd time draft re-entry

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