OHL Playoff Preview and Predictions


(1) Windsor vs (8) Sarnia

Season series6-4-0-04-5-1-0
Last 10 games8-1-1-02-8-0-0
PP vs opponent50.0%8.3%
Penalty Kill82.6%72.9%
PK vs Opponent91.7%50.0%
Goals for305234
Goals against248279
Team PIM / Game10.311.3

Prediction: Windsor in 5 games

(2) London vs (7) Kitchener

Season series6-2-2-04-6-0-0
Last 10 games3-4-2-13-4-3-0
PP vs opponent32.0%22.2%
Penalty Kill80.9%80.4%
PK vs Opponent77.8%68.0%
Goals for264236
Goals against232271
Team PIM / Game11.911.0

Prediction: London in 6 games

(3) Flint vs (6) Owen Sound

 FlintOwen Sound
Season series1-3-0-03-1-0-0
Last 10 games7-3-0-06-3-1-0
PP vs opponent29.4%14.3%
Penalty Kill84.3%75.7%
PK vs Opponent85.7%70.6%
Goals for286235
Goals against238245
Team PIM / Game10.410.5

Prediction: Flint in 7 games

(4) Sault Ste Marie vs (5) Guelph

 Sault St MarieGuelph
Season series4-2-0-02-4-0-0
Last 10 games6-4-0-07-2-0-1
PP vs opponent25.9%17.4%
Penalty Kill78.7%81.1%
PK vs Opponent82.6%74.1%
Goals for295251
Goals against246228
Team PIM / Game11.59.6

Prediction: Sault Ste Marie in 7 games


(1) Hamilton vs (8) Peterborough

Season series6-2-0-02-6-0-0
Last 10 games10-0-0-05-4-0-1
PP vs opponent32.1%32.0%
Penalty Kill80.9%74.3%
PK vs Opponent68.0%67.9%
Goals for300240
Goals against176281
Team PIM / Game11.311.3

Prediction: Hamilton in 4 games

(2) North Bay vs (7) Ottawa

 North BayOttawa
Season series3-2-1-03-2-0-1
Last 10 games8-1-0-15-4-0-1
PP vs opponent14.3%0%
Penalty Kill80.6%76.0%
PK vs Opponent100%85.7%
Goals for267199
Goals against198250
Team PIM / Game9.111.2

Prediction: North Bay in 5 games

(3) Kingston vs (6) Oshawa

Season series7-2-2-15-7-0-0
Last 10 games5-3-1-14-4-1-1
PP vs opponent22.5%12.2%
Penalty Kill79.8%75.9%
PK vs Opponent87.8%77.5%
Goals for285215
Goals against242240
Team PIM / Game11.110.2

Prediction: Kingston in 6 games

(4) Mississauga vs (5) Barrie

Season series4-3-2-04-4-0-0
Last 10 games4-4-1-13-6-1-0
PP vs opponent11.1%18.2%
Penalty Kill81.3%77.0%
PK vs Opponent81.8%88.9%
Goals for229245
Goals against189236
Team PIM / Game11.59.1

Prediction: Mississauga in 7 games


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